Internal Medicine Doctor

CEO and founder of Claudia Wellness & Empowerment Lifestyle

 The Elevated Latina Coach

Meet Claudia!


Claudia is an Internal Medicine Doctor, founder and CEO of Claudia Wellness & Empowerment Lifestyle, and The Elevated Latina Coach.


Claudia received her Bachelor’s in Nursing from Chico State University and practiced nursing for three years. She then pivoted her healthcare career and entered Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia. She obtained her Internal Medicine Residency training at USC + LAC Medical Center in Southern California. She is currently a practicing physician and a business owner. 

Claudia resides in Northern California and enjoys life's simple pleasures. She cherishes quality time with her loved ones, indulges in captivating books, and savors the perfect cup of coffee. And let's not forget her two lively dogs, filling her days with energy and love.

You will usually find her taking weekend trips exploring the wonders of Northern California, such as Napa Valley, San Francisco/Bay Area, Monterey Bay, and Lake Tahoe, to name a few.


How it all started...

 From a small town in Northern California, I emerged into a world of hard work and resilience. Raised by Mexican immigrant parents who worked as migrant farm workers, our lives were intertwined with a close-knit Labor Camp community.

Witnessing the everyday challenges of long hours and insufficient wages, my family's struggle inspired a burning desire to chase the elusive "American Dream" we all aspire to achieve.

But then it all changed...

 Lacking Latina role models in powerful positions while growing up, I had doubts about my own capabilities and chances of attending college as a first-generation Latina.

In high school, I was advised to attend a junior college instead of a 4-year university because it supposedly suited someone like me better. But I quickly realized that if I wanted to achieve my dreams, I would have to pave my own path.

Becoming the person I wished I had known in my youth became my mission. I wanted to be an inspiration and mentor for my younger siblings and other Latinas in similar situations.

 Now I'm able to help Mujeres like you...

I embarked on a mission close to my heart - to empower women who reminded me of my younger self. Mentoring, coaching, and guiding countless Latina women on their path to success has been a true pleasure. Motivated by this rewarding work, I have created The Elevated Latina Coaching Program. This transformative program takes a holistic approach, focusing on improving your health and wellness, teaching invaluable stress and time management skills, cultivating a positive mindset, and providing the guidance and support you need to achieve your wildest dreams. Join us on this empowering journey of growth and empowerment.

Fun facts!

I love to paint

Painting on a canvas is fun, and relaxing and it lets me get creative!

I can't get enough of traveling

I’ve been all over Europe, northern Africa, and Central, and South America. Can’t wait to plan my next trip. 

I am one of nine siblings

Growing up never had a dull moment with so many siblings and personalities. 

Turquoise is my favorite color

It reminds me of tropical beaches. Ever since I went to Cancun, I have loved their turquoise beach seawater.

My favorite pastry is strawberry shortcake

Any dessert with strawberries is my go-to!

Ready to elevate your life?


Yes, I'm ready!